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Product Code
XAGUSD (Silver)
Account Currency
Trading Platform
Electronic Transaction
Margin Requirement
USD 800
Transaction Fee (Commission)
Zero transaction fee
Contract lot size (per lot)
100 ounce
2500 ounce
0.01 lot
0.01 lot
20 lot
20 lot
Bid-ask spread
Premium 0.3 (fixed)
Superior 0.4 (fixed)
Basic 0.5 (fixed)
Premium 0.02 (fixed)
Superior 0.03 (fixed)
Basic 0.04 (fixed)
lock-up margin
0.5% of the total amount of each contract
1% of the total amount of each contract
Liquidation level
If the margin level is lower than 10% of the initial margin, all your positions will be automatically closed immediately.
Electronic transaction will automatically close the positions in order from the largest loss position to the smallest loss position.
When the price fluctuates greatly, it is possible to force liquidation at a margin ratio of less than 10%.
Weekend/Holiday Market Pass Margin (per lot)
If the margin is less than 100% of the initial margin when the market closes before weekends and holidays, electronic transaction will lock all positions (hedging).
Market interest
One-day market passing interest will be charged or paid after the market closes on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays, and three-day market passing interest will be charged or paid on Wednesdays.
Interest will be adjusted according to market changes, please pay attention to the commodity list in the trading platform.
Instruction category
Market price, pending order, stop loss
Order time limit
Valid until the close of the company on the last trading day of the week (GTW)
Limit/Stop Loss and Take Profit
It needs to be more than $2 from the market price.
It needs to be more than $0.2 from the market price.
Before major data is released, the order distance limit may be adjusted. For details, please pay attention to the announcement on the official website.
Deposit and withdrawal exchange rate
1 USD to HKD 7.8 (fixed)
Trading Hours (Hong Kong Time)
Summer: Monday 6:00 am - Saturday 4:45 am
Winter: Monday 7:00 am - Saturday 5:45 am
System Settlement (Hong Kong Time)
Summer: Daily at 05:00 am
Winter: Daily at 06:00 am
System Maintenance (Hong Kong Time)
Summer: Monday 05:00 am - 06:00 am daily
Winter: Monday Daily 06:00 am - 07:00 am
Premium account: The first-time deposit of USD20,000 can enjoy the first three months of premium account spread privileges. (1,000 lots traded in one month of every three months thereafter)
Superior Account: The first three-month deposit of USD10,000 can enjoy superior account spreads for the first three months. (Subsequent trades of 500 lots in one month of every three months)
Since the price fluctuations will be extremely violent when the major data results are announced, when investors trade, the transaction price (including the set order) may be different from the requested price (the set order price), please pay attention to the relevant risks.
Customizable interface including technical analysis, chart, trailing stop loss and lock-up function by one click